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A934-332I-120Smart IR Transmitter (with learning fucntion)N/A

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A934-485M-100Two way RS-232/ RS485 Converter with IDN/AN/A

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A934-001R-120Single Relay Power Control ModuleN/AN/AN/A

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A934-002R-120Two Port Power Relay Motorized Screen Control ModuleN/AN/AN/A

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AVS-1200CUser Programmable Multimedia ControllerN/A

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AVS-1200CV2User Programmable Multimedia Controllers N/AN/A

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A934-312C-001In Room Control Panel User Programmable Touch Control PanelN/A

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SKP-15ISmart KeypadN/AN/AN/A

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A121-600C/V6IFP600 Controller ModuleN/AN/AN/A

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TP-05IWall Mounted Touch PanelN/A

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TP-09WI & CS-02WIWireless Touch PanelN/AN/A

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CS-08i2Central Control SystemN/AN/AN/A

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CS-MINICentral Control SystemN/AN/AN/A

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A934-001D-121Single Port Power /Dimmer Control ModuleN/AN/A

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A934-062R-1006 Module Relay ControllerN/AN/A

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AVS-SSR8/1-1Universal Projector and Motorized Screen ControllerN/AN/A

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AVS-SSR8/3Projector Screen Controller (*With IR Remote Controller)N/AN/A

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A121-002R-100In Room Control System 2 Port Power Control Relay ModuleN/AN/A

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AVS-SSR8/2Universal Projector and Motorized Screen ControllerN/AN/A

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AVS-SSR8/2 UKUniversal Projector and Motorized Screen ControllerN/AN/A

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