Technical Support/FAQ

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For AVA-HDMI14, AVA-HDMI18 support Version 1.2a, AVS-HDMI21 & 41, 81 support Version 1.3. All ABtUS switcher support Full HD 1080P..

The maximum input and output will be 15M respectively. However, this will depends on the rating of cable.

No, ABtUS motorized screen only can adjust up and down limit.

Users have to ensure that PC audio has been plugged in correctly and the main audio output has been connected (2.54mm connector yellow color) to the speaker.

Users have to ensure the followings.

  • The projector power is "ON"
  • RS232 cable is connected to projector
  • RS232 cable is connected to ABtUS projector controller. 

ABtUS AVA-DV19 is a 1 in 9out DVI-D DA. It is good for connecting up to 9 display panels/monitors or more with the loop out. Hence, there is an EDID that will auto-seek continuously for the maximum resolution of the display/monitor, that is connected to this "Loop out" or port number 9. This sets the rest of the out ports resolution based on maximum one.

In situation where two or more displays are connected, users should always connect the lowest resolution display to output port number 9 first. This is to prevent a higher resolution output whereby there will be no image for the lower resolution display in the event that all displays are NOT of the same resolution.

COM port setting between PC and the program, Baud Rate setting and RS232 Program cable should be connected between PC and Multi Media Controller.

Yes, ABtUS-308V6P are user programmable, and it supports Baud Rate from 9600 to 115200, Non, Even or Odd Parity.