User Programmable Multimedia Controller


The ABtUS AVS-1200C is a high performance User Programmable Multimedia Controller designed for any small Multimedia Class Room or boardroom application. With its simple integration and user friendly functions, ABtUS AVS-1200C can be easily integrated and acts as an extended central media control unit. Functions include a universal projector control which controls a projector’s power on/off, Input switching, and volume control via RS-232 and/or IR control. The AVS-1200C can also be configured for motorized screens or room’s lighting control.

  • "User Programmable" Comes with user friendly Ul application software
  • Universal projector/ display panel control Provided Projector control via IR (IR learning capabilities) or user-defined RS-232 commands.
  • Room Control Two Configurable relays allow centralized control of room functions such as motorized screen or lightings settings.
  • IR Learning (IRMCs) Enables customized IR control of projector when RS-232 control is not available
  • One-touch Input selection Input selection buttons can be customized with clearly labeled and backlit (LED) for displays.
  • Timer clock power shut-down An adjustable timer that allows automatic shut down of projector to preserve energy and extend projector lamp life.
  • LCM Display Clock and l/O indication
  • Volume control Volume control for projector or any media speaker.
COM PORT : (9600, 8 Data Bit, Non parity and 1 Stop Bit)
CONFIGURABLE : 2 x RS-232 (8 Data Bit and 2 Stop Bit)
COM PORT : Baud Rate (9600 to 115200)
Parity Bit (Non, Even or Odd)
2 x IR out
DIGITAL l/O : External control for screen relay
CONTROL BUTTON : Number of user defined "Control Button" x 11 ,
Available protocol for each "Control Button" x 2
LED/ BUZZER : With LED & Buzzer for indication and confirmation
DIMENSIONS : 195 x 86 x 30mm
WEIGHT : 350g
ACCESSORIES : AC-DC Power Adapter 12V-DC, 500mA