Integrated Projector Controller


The ABtUS AVS-313 Media Control Panel is one of the most user friendly and installer friendly, preprogrammed controller specifi cally designed for a easy and central control of any two projection system as well as a monitor out. It removes the need for over-complicated and multiple remote control handsets. With the 3x3 VGA/Audio matrix switching, user are now free to project any VGA image to any output display (monitor, projector 1 and projector 2) accordingly. Ideal for Lab or training room with dual projection application.

  • Simple to used with one to one function controlled button
  • Fully self contained / integrated Projector Controller with AV switcher VGA Matrix switching
  • Supports 3x3 VGA matrix switching with resolutions from VGA to SXGA
  • Easy Installation with standard 2.54mm connector and cabling