Universal Projector and Motorized Screen Controller


AVS-SSR8/1 is a Universal IR Motorized Screen and Projector Controller. It can easily be integrated into a Home Theater, Media Class Room, Meeting Room and more. It is also able to integrate with any third party central control system. Simple integration with direct power control of 220 to 240 VAC 50Hz/60Hz.

It is integrated with IR/RS-232 projector control capability in one single controller. With the programming software, projector control can be set easily. It is also integrated with a self-contain universal IR learning function enabling the switcher to be programmed to control any board or model of projectors which are in the market.

Typical Applications
Any professional presentation system requiring multiple AV Inputs of all different type of video standard and a standard projector controller.

  • Schools (Media Classrooms)
  • Churches
  • Corporate Application (Meeting Rooms)
  • 2:1 controller (Control motorized screen and projector)
  • Programmable RS-232 for projector control
  • IR Learning function for projector control (if RS-232 is not available)
  • With “dry contact” control
CONTROL : Hard button, IR Remote or Dry Contact Closure
(Voltage Free)
l/O PORT : 5 x 5.0mm Screw Type Connector
(AC-N,AC-L, Common, Screen Up and Screen Down)

1 x 4 port 3.8mm screw type terminal block
(Dry contact control)

1 x 3 port 3.8mm screw type terminal block (RS-232)
1 x 2 port 3.8mm screw type terminal block (IR)
DIMENSION : 89 x 89 x 45 mm
WEIGHT : 130g
POWER SOURCE : 220 VAC to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
ACCESSORIES : 1 x IR Remote Controller and 1 x IR probe