8 x 4 VGA/STEREO Audio Matrix Switchers


The ABtUS MAX-GA42A/P receives and amplifies up to 4 VGA/ Audio inputs, perfectly switches the desired input to any four VGA equipped monitor or projector which enables the broadcast of multiple VGA/Stereo Audio outputs to multiple displays. Any one of the inputs can now be broadcasted to any one or all of the outputs without introducing noticeable video quality distortion.

The Matrix supports VGA video bandwidth up to a total of 900MHz (R+G+B) which support the longest transmission up to 50 meters. Therefore, MAX-GA42A/P offers the most convenient and cost effective means for swift switch of high quality PC graphic with crystal clear audio in the market.
With RS-232 equipped, switching through front panel push button or with an external touch control system as shown and control becomes versatile and easier.

Typical Applications
Any Projection or display system that required broadcasting of multiple computer’s audio and video outputs to multiple displays:
• Schools (Lab, hall & etc)
• Churches
• Cooperate (Function Room)
• Rental
• Exhibition
• Shown room
  • With the 8 Input arrangements, any of the 8 video/audio sources can now be selectively amplified and distributed with high transparency even for high-resolution VGA modes like UXGA to any of the 4 display panels. It is ideal for presentation systems requiring 8 VGA sources with a local monitor and/or up to 4 different display units.
  • Compatible with all monitors, projectors, HDTVs and flat panel displays
INPUT : 8 x VGA D-Sub 15 pin Female connector
8 x 3.5mm block connector for balance/ un-balance audio
OUTPUT : 4 x VGA D-Sub 15 pin Female connector
4 x 3.5mm block connector for balance/ un-balance audio
COM PORT : 1 x 9 pin D-SUB Female connector
BANDWIDTH : (-3dB) 900MHz
MAX RESOLUTION : 1600 x 1200
CABLE LENGTH (INPUT) : 1 to 3 meter
CABLE LENGTH (OUTPUT) : 1 to 50 meter (*Depending on cable rating)
DIMENSION : 430 x 240 x 44 mm
WEIGHT : 1350g
ACCESSORIES : Power cord
POWER SOURCE : 100 to 230 VAC, 50/60Hz