8 x 8 VGA/STEREO Audio Matrix Switchers


The ABtUS MAX-GA88A/P Matrix is specially designed for computer and workstation applications. Up to 8 VGA/SVGA/XGA/UXGA graphic input can be split or route to any 1 or up to 8 outputs with no discernible signal degradation. State-of-the-art power management circuitry makes MAX-GA88/AP the first choice signal distributor. With its high signal bandwidth of 900MHz identical high defined output can be achieved throughout.

Typical Applications
The Max-GA88A/P is part of the ABtUS series of high quality, high bandwidth and cost effective Distribution Amplifiers and Switchers designed specially for professional installers. ABtUS products can be found in industrial, commercial, educational, military and government application like:
  • Schools
  • Training rooms
  • Broadcast and duplication studios
  • Workstation environments
  • Retails showrooms
  • CCTV and surveillance
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • With the 8 Input arrangements, any of the 8 video/audio sources can now be the selectively amplified and distributed with high transparency even for high-resolution VGA modes like UXGA to any of the 8 display panels. It is ideal for presentation systems requiring 8 VGA sources with a local monitor and/or up to 8 different display units.
  • Compatible with all monitors, projectors, HDTVs and flat panel displays
INPUT : 8 x VGA D-Sub 15 pin Female connector
8 x 3.5mm block connector for balance/ un-balance audio
OUTPUT : 8 x VGA D-Sub 15 pin Female connector
8 x 3.5mm block connector for balance/ un-balance audio
COM PORT : 1 x 9 pin D-SUB Female connector
BANDWIDTH : (-3dB) 900MHz
MAX RESOLUTION : 1600 x 1200
CABLE LENGTH (INPUT) : 1 to 3 meter
CABLE LENGTH (OUTPUT) : 1 to 50 meter (*Depending on cable rating)
DIMENSION : 430 x 240 x 130 mm
WEIGHT : 1350g
ACCESSORIES : Power cord
POWER SOURCE : 100 to 230 VAC, 50/60Hz