Outdoor Projector Enclosure



This Outdoor Projector Enclosure is designed for protecting projector providing weatherproofing and security. It is constructed with steel and powder coating material, and cooling fans for heat ventilation. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

● Enclosure overall dimensions: 1240 x 900 x 450 mm.
● Enclosure internal dimensions: 1040 x 800 x 400 mm.
● Nett Weight: 48kg
● IP rating: IP55
● Feature with 4x cooling fans (2x air inlet + 2x air outlet).
● Tempered glass at front of projector lens.
● 4-sided doors with hinges for easy access for maintenance of projector.
● 2x security key locks at all doors.
● Built-in HDMI and LAN port can be easily connected from outside.
● Easy power connection from outside.
● Customization available to suit varies size of projectors.