Universal Projector and Motorized Screen Controller



AVS-SSR8/2 UK is a Universal IR Motorized Screen and Projector Controller with IR learning. It can easily be integrated into a Home Theatre, a Media Classroom, a Meeting Room, and any other applications. It is also able to integrate with any third-party central control system with simple integration with direct power control of 240V 50/60Hz.

Integrated with IR/RS-232 projector control capability in one single controller. With the programming software, projector control can be set easily. It is also integrated with a self- contain universal IR learning function which enables the controller to be program to control any brand or model of projector that are out in the market.

  • Simple and direct connection to any motorized projector screen
  • With Dry contact control, allow integration with any third party central controller
Control: Hard button, IR Remote or Dry Contact Closure (Voltage Free)
l/O Port: 5 X 5.0mm Screw Type Connector (AC-N, AC-L, Common, Screen Up and Screen Down)
  1x4 port 3.8mm screw type terminal block (Dry contact control)
  1x3 port 3.8mm screw type terminal block (RS-232)
  1x2 port 3.8mm screw type terminal block (IR)
Current Rating: MAX. Load 1.8A
Housing: ABS
Dimension: 70mm X 120mm X 40 mm
Weight: 130 g
Power Source: 240V 50/60Hz
Accessories: 1x IR Remote Controller and 1x IR probe