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Single Port Power /Dimmer Control Module


  • Max load capacity of 600W per module
  • With standard RS-485 communication protocol, compatible with any central control for all host (standard J1708 BUS)
  • With I/O connectivity for integration with any existing standard wall switch • Dimmer Ramping time (2 to 128sec)


Wall Mounted Touch Panel



● 5” TFT 65k true colour LCD touch screen
● 3 X RS232/485 control ports
● 1 X IR output
● 1 X Digital I/O
● 1 X Temperature sensor I/O
● Support multiple units synchronization
● With screen standby protection settings and electronic calendar display
● Support scene settings and macro
● Support SCRIPT functions
● Built with 32MB, Flash memory
● Built with 3999 IDs (each ID can support 255 commands and delays)
● uses external DC 12V -24V power supply


Two way RS-232/ RS485 Converter with ID


  • Require only the use of RS232 the RXD, TXD, GND signal line
  • Automatically convert to RS485 with zero delay
  • RS232 communication distance can be extended up to 120m (* using a twisted-pair shielded cable)
  • With RXD, TXD, Power LED Indicator
  • Support multi-point communications


Smart IR Transmitter (with learning fucntion)


  • Powerful IR learning, ability to learning all kinds of IR code and also simultaneously record it’s carrier frequency
  • Memory: record up to 32 IR code in different formats
  • Software support is able to clearly identified and analysis different type IR code which then be stored or copy to another unit


In Room Control Panel User Programmable Touch Control Panel



● Automatic backlight fade out
● Macro definitions setting can be assign for every single button (up to 16 different order)
● Default 3x4 matrix of 12 touch buttons
● With 1 x RS-232 or 1x RS-485 (selectable) and 1x RS-232
● Ultra low power consumption