Power Delay Control Switcher


The ABtUS PWDS-4 power delay control switcher that act as a ON/OFF switch for equipment that requires a cool down period prior to powering off. This could help prolong the lifespan of important equipment such as projector, audio system etc

Equipment such as LCD projectors requires complete cool down before shutting down to prevent damages caused by prolonged heat.

As every equipment has a different cool down timing it will be difficult for non-technical end users to judge whether the equipment has cool down effectively before switching off the switch. Installing a PWDS-4 would solve the problem. The PWDS-4 will activate an automatic delay once the button is pressed and will disconnect the power only when the cool down process has been completed.

Ideal for classrooms, meeting rooms and installations where the users have little knowledge or are not familiar with the equipment

● Single button ON/OFF
● Customizable delay timing
● RS-485 controllable
● Able to store and send specific command code to turn on/of f connected equipment via RS-232
● Able to chain and synchronize multiple units via RS-485

CONTROL : Push Button
I/O : 2 × 3pin 5.0mm connector ( 2 × Relay On/Off)
1 × RS-232 port (RS-232 out)
1 × RS-485 port (RS-485 in)
RELAY CURRENT RATING : Max. Load 10 A/ 250 VAC, Fuse Rating: 8A
VARIABLE TIMING : 0,15,30,60,90,120,150,180 sec (Toggle through Dip Switch)
DIMENSIONS : 89 × 89 × 45 mm
WEIGHT : 120g

PWDS-4 Setup diagram