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AVS-312Programmable Integrated Projector Controller SwitcherN/AN/A

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AVS-313Integrated Projector Controller
Integrated Projector Controller

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AVS-315+ PLUSIntegrated Projector Controller SwitcherN/AN/AN/A

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AVS-316Programmable Integrated Projector ControllerN/AN/A

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AVS-317Programmable Integrated Projector Controller SwitcN/AN/A

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CAT-AVS-409T/A & CAT-AVS-409R/AProgrammable Integrated Projector Controller SwitcN/AN/AN/A

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AVS-1200CUser Programmable Multimedia ControllerN/A

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AVS-1200CV2User Programmable Multimedia Controllers N/AN/AN/A

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AVS-1200SUser Programmable Multimedia SwitcherN/AN/AN/A

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AVS-1200SV2User Programmable Multimedia SwitcherN/AN/AN/A

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IFP-502AInterface Panel, 2RCA (Audio), 1 PC Audio with buiN/AN/AN/A

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AVS-SSR8/1-1Universal Projector and Motorized Screen ControllerN/AN/AN/A

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AVS-318CMultimedia Controller SwitcherN/AN/A

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AVS-318DMultimedia Controller SwitcherN/AN/A

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IC-308V6Pre-Programmed Projector Controller SwitcherN/AN/A

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AVS-SSR8/3Projector Screen Controller (*With IR Remote Controller)N/AN/A

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IFP-511BMulti Format Cable Management KitN/AN/AN/A

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A934-212C-044Touch Screen Control SystemN/A

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A934-332I-120Smart IR Transmitter (with learning fucntion)N/A

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